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point ⅠLogiKing is...

...a game to crown the King of Logic!

LogiKing is a card game where you utilize the effects of ten cards numbered 0 to 9 and attempt to deduce your opponent's two hidden numbers before they figure out yours!
While the rules may be simple, you'll need to rely on perception and a deep understanding of logic in order to defeat your opponent.

point ⅡEpic Battles

Maximum excitement!

Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned veteran, LogiKing has exciting visuals and sounds for everyone to enjoy!
Experience the thrill of forcing your opponent into a "Logical" when you correctly guess one of their hidden numbers!

point ⅢOnline Global Matchmaking

Play anytime, anywhere.

Challenge others around the world in real time. Have fun playing LogiKing with friends, family, and mysterious powerful foes!
You can also play against an AI opponent to practice.
Ascend the throne! Become the LogiKing!


Release Video

Logi King :episode1 (Full Episode)

Logi King episode1 Trailer

card list– vol.1 –

  1. Shield of Protection
    Shield of Protection

    The opponent cannot attack next turn.

    When you play this card, the opponent cannot declare a number(attack) on their next turn.This effect is not neutralized by the effect of card no. 2 “Barrage of Firearms.” (Not even one attack is possible.)

  2. Sword of Destruction
    Sword of Destruction

    Destroy one card in the opponent's hand.

    Randomly select a card from the opponent's hand and place it face up on their playing area.
    The effect of the selected card is not activated.

  3. Barrage of Firearms
    Barrage of Firearms

    Attack twice this turn.

    You can declare numbers (attack) twice in the turn you playthis card.
    You can freely attack the opponent's left and/or right side. (One attack on each side is acceptable.)

  4. Loop Necklace

    Take back a card from your playing area.

    You can take back a card from your playing area and use it asa card in hand.
    It is also possible to take back this same card whose effect is being activated.

  5. Wand of Truth
    Wand of Truth

    The opponent reveals
    if a hidden number is less than 4.

    Point at one of your opponent's hidden cards.Your opponent must tell you whether the number on that card is between 0 and 4 or between 5 and 9.

  6. Ring of Comparison
    Ring of Comparison

    The opponent reveals which of
    their hidden numbers is greater.

    The opponent must tell you which number is greater, the one on their left side or the one on their right side.If the opponent has only one hidden card, the effect is not activated and the card can be placed on the playing area.

  7. Crown of Foresight
    Crown of Foresight

    The opponent shows two cards in their hand.

    Randomly select two cards from the opponent's hand and check their front side. The cards must then return to the opponent's hand on their back side.
    If the opponent has only one card in hand, only one card is revealed and returned.

  8. Cloak of Exchange
    Cloak of Exchange

    Exchange a hidden card with a card in hand.

    Exchange one of your hidden cards with a card in your hand without showing the front of the card to your opponent.
    You must always exchange cards, except when you have no cards n hand.

  9. Armor of Evasion
    Armor of Evasion

    Neutralize the effect of
    the opponent's next card.

    The effect of a card played in the next turn by the opponent is not activated.

  10. Resurrection Throne
    Resurrection Throne

    Place a number that is not in the
    playing area on the empty card stand.

    This effect is only activated if you have a number in your hand that is different from the numbers in your opponent's playing area and if you have only one hidden card.(You can play this card without activating its effect.)
    Choose a number in hand that is not in the opponent's playing area and place it in your empty card stand. (This card becomes a new hidden card.)

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card list– vol.2 –

  1. Holy Grail of Miracles
    Holy Grail of Miracles

    Claim victory if there are no cards in your hand.

    If this card is the only card in your hand and you use it at the beginning of your turn, you win regardless of how many hidden cards your opponent has left.
    The effect of this card will not activate under other circumstances.

  2. Cursed Bow
    Cursed Bow

    Look at one card in your opponent's hand
    and force its use next turn.

    Randomly select one card from your opponent’s hand.After both players check the card, the card is returned to your opponent's hand.
    Your opponent must use that card on their next turn.
    The effect of that card will resolve as normal.

  3. Inverted Hourglass
    Inverted Hourglass

    Play another turn if your attack misses.

    If you declare an attack and miss, begin another turn.
    If you do not declare an attack, this card's effect does not activate.
    After you use this card, your opponent's active effects will be neutralized at the start of your additional turn.

  4. Ferocious Cannon
    Ferocious Cannon

    Attack three times with numbers on your field.

    This turn, you can declare three attacks with numbers on your field, attacking freely between left and right.
    You can attack with the same number multiple times.
    If your opponent used "4: Earrings of Restraint" on their previous turn, you cannot declare any attacks.

  5. Earrings of Restraint
    Earrings of Restraint

    Your opponent can only attack with numbers
    in their hand next turn.

    During your opponent's next turn, they may only attack with the numbers in their hand.
    Any card your opponent uses during their next turn is not considered to be in their hand.

  6. Bracelet of Fusion
    Bracelet of Fusion

    Your opponent reveals if their hidden numbers
    add up to 10 or more.

    Your opponent must tell you whether their hidden numbers add up to "10 or greater" or "9 or lower."
    You may use this effect even if the opponent only has one hidden card (which will always be "9 or lower.")

  7. Helmet of Exchange
    Helmet of Exchange

    Exchange a hidden card with a card in hand.

    Exchange a hidden card with any card from your hand,without revealing either card to your opponent.
    You must exchange cards, unless you have no cards in your hand.

  8. Katana of Insight
    Katana of Insight

    Your opponent reveals if a hidden number is odd.

    Select one of your opponent’s hidden cards.Your opponent must tell you whether the number on that card is an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, or 9) or an even number (0, 2, 4, 6, or 8).

  9. Forbidden Map
    Forbidden Map

    Your opponent cannot play a card next turn.

    Your opponent cannot play any cards to their field during their next turn.
    They can still declare an attack as normal.

  10. Jewel of Eternity
    Jewel of Eternity

    Turn one of your cards on the field into
    an invulnerable hidden card next turn.

    Effect usable only when you have one hidden card. (You can play this card on the field.) Select any card on your field (including this card), show it to your opponent, and set it as a new hidden card. Your opponent cannot attack that card on their next turn, even if they use “3: Ferocious Cannon.”

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  • Title: LogiKing
  • Genre: Card Game
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®4 PlayStation®5 / Steam
  • Players: 1~2
  • Languages: Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean
  • Release Date: Nintendo Switch™ : December 15, 2022
    PlayStation®4 / PlayStation®5 / Steam : August 24, 2023
  • Publisher: FURYU Corporation